about me

When I was 13, I got a camera from my parents. It was a Yashica with two zoom lenses. In the basement I was allowed to set up a dark room to print the pictures taken. I have spent days and nights there and learned the principles of this wonderful profession. It has not let go of me to this day and after completing a thorough education at the Academy of Photography and a number of years as a freelance assistant for top photographers in the Netherlands I can call myself a professional photographer for over 20 years.

The profession has changed in that time but my fascination with the medium has not diminished. Over the years I have invented what I am good at and what I get energy from. It is mainly the people I can photograph and with whom I can look together for that one photo with the right look for the intended purpose.

On this website you get an impression of me and my work. If you want more information about working methods and rates, want to discuss a project or want to get acquainted without obligation, please contact me. My details are on the contact page. I’d love to hear from you.